Tarot for Self-Care

Harness the power of tarot to build trust in your intuition and confidently craft your future

I'm ready to learn tarot for self-care!

If you're like many of my students you're likely feeling...

  • That you spend your days running around in circles in your head, pacing your house in panic, struggling with shallow breaths when things don't go as planned
  • Stuck in the habitual cycle of anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors that pop up every time you get a call from your boss or your partner snaps at you, derailing you for days—even weeks
  • That you wake up every morning with dread, overwhelmed by your responsibilities and terrified of making an unfixable mistake, and you just can't get ahead with your plans, let alone big dreams

I've been there. I used to think that my anxiety would make it impossible to build a supportive spiritual practice. But then I developed a framework to use Tarot as a tool for self-care.

Tarot for Self-Care is designed to guide you to use tarot as a tool to build trust in yourself and support decision-making so you can finally start living your life and sharing your gifts without the constant cloud of fear-based anxiety, depression, and stagnation

Yes, I'm ready to trust my intuition!

With Tarot for Self-Care, your relationship to yourself will change

  • How would it feel to acknowledge fear and move through it, rather than staying stuck in anxiety?  
  • Would you like to know what the next steps in your life are, and to have the full support of the universe in taking them?  
  • What would be possible in your life if you had a spiritual tool to guide you through perceived failure and into alignment?

Using tarot for self-care can free you from the story of failure

When we use tarot through the lens of self-care we are not fortune telling, but rather diving into ourselves and our intuition to find what we already know but have been unable to access or admit. If we seek clarity rather than conviction, the cards will provide the medicine of our situation and a path to address our fears rather than run away from them.

What you're getting with Tarot for Self-Care

Tarot For Self-Care is a 12-week, step-by-step guided online program beginning June 7th that leads you to calibrate tarot to your personal spiritual gifts and experience so you can FINALLY know the cards and use them as partners on your path to powerfully shed anxiety and fear-based living

  • Lifetime access to all course materials AND future updates in the easy-to-use online classroom

  • 10 modules of carefully crafted guidance drawing on my experiencing teaching tarot to hundreds of students and supporting hundreds of clients on their paths

  • Clear videos that dive deeply into the practical magic and story of tarot
  • Writing exercises to incorporate your life, your understanding, and your birthright intuition into the cards

  • Experiential activities such as guided meditations and practice readings

  • Intuitive Coaching video calls with your teacher (that's me, Sarah!) and the community to ask questions and support your journey

The Full Comprehensive Program

Module 1: Creating Your Tarot Cosmology

  • Discover what you believe about tarot, how it works for you, and how to activate that belief to support you as a tarot reader 

Modules 2-4: The Messages of the Major Arcana

  • Explore what the 22 Major Arcana cards want to share with you, and learn how to work with them in readings

Modules 5-8: The Invitations of the Minor Arcana

  • Learn to integrate the Minor Arcana into your understanding of daily life, so these 56 cards—and their reversals—are no longer daunting but become a useful part of your practice

Modules 9-10: Getting Clear on the Court Cards

  • Cut through to the core of the Court Cards so you can rely on them for important information rather than seeing them as the most confusing part of a reading

Join today and you'll also receive these bonuses:

  • How to Tarot in Under Two Hours ($47 value): This popular training will jump-start your tarot practice so you can begin reading tarot and developing your spiritual practice today! No need to rely on the little white book ever again.

  • Reading Tarot for Others ($197 value): A brand-new class to help you use your self-care support in service of others! If you've been reading for yourself for a while, or want to brush up on the ethics, best practices, and most aligned ways to read for friends, family, and even clients, this bonus class will take your Tarot for Self-Care experience to the next level. 

  • Tarot for Business ($197 value): It's time to build the business—and the life— you desire with the full support of tarot and the universe. In this course you'll learn how to use tarot in the context of business, what cards you must know to read tarot for your business, the common pitfalls of reading tarot for business (and there are many)—and how to avoid them, and unique spreads and systems for business planning, launch planning, and more!

  • Private Facebook Group (priceless!): With lifetime access to the private Facebook group, you will have a community of supportive, like-minded students to rely on as you learn, study, and grow in your tarot journey. This will be the hub of the course, where you can ask questions, receive coaching from me, and share your experience.

What Tarot for Self-Care students are saying:

“Tarot for Self-Care was everything I hoped for and more. I now see tarot as what it needs to be for me: an intuitive guide and tool for helping maintain what I need in my life. It's brought understanding and peace. Honestly, giving myself the gift of this course and experience has been one of the most loving things I've ever done for myself."

-Ruth James, master life coach. @iamruthjames

“Choosing Sarah as my mentor was the of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am now creating my own tarot spreads, something I didn’t know was even possible! Sarah goes above and beyond for her students. If you are looking for a mentor, please check out Sarah’s program. It will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. I highly recommend all of her work.”

-Kat Hall, tarot reader and astrologer. soulsworktarot.com

"I have been working with a deck for a long time all through college, but I definitely didn't go into reversals too much, and was always using the particular guide book that came with that particular deck. I was just kind of jotting down notes from the interpretations, and never really developing my own interpretation. After taking Tarot for Self-Care I developed my own! The first step really was just developing my own notebook of notes. So now I don't even use the guidebook at all and if I do need to reference something, I'm referencing my own notes, which have like my own experiences peppered in."

-Cody Nowell, designer. codynowell.com

"I loved all of it, I'm such a newbie but you demystified tarot beautifully and made it accessible even for someone like me who knew nothing at all about it, so thank you! You are a very talented teacher and you made it really fun; I love that you could laugh about it all too and it wasn't too serious or doom and gloom."

-Rosie Winter, flower farmer. theroseandradish.com.au

It's time to learn Tarot for Self-Care if:

  • You are ready to overcome the fear of failure or not knowing your purpose.

  • You want to give yourself permission to leave anxiety and addiction behind, and embrace the feeling that you are enough.

  • You doubt your own intuition and ability to trust yourself, but know that it is possible to live a more courageous and fulfilling life.

  • You're new to tarot and can't wait to explore your life through the lens of this powerful tool.

  • You have all the books that say different things about the same cards, keep Googling to find card meanings, and are completely overwhelmed with where to start and who to believe.

  • You've worked with tarot, maybe taken a class or two, but don't yet feel it fully in your body, and still get stuck on some cards or spreads.

  • You're constantly looking to healers and experts to "fix" you, and are ready to hold yourself accountable and be your own healer.

  • You're an intermediate tarot reader ready to move beyond what you've been told and start reading from your heart.

  • You have a busy schedule and know that having lifetime access to all videos and course material will make it easy to go at your own pace and fit tarot into your life.

  • You are ready to show up and do the work—you will get out of this program what you put into it.  

"As I enter my third act as a master coach Tarot for Self-Care gives me new tools for helping my clients... personally by being able to center myself before meeting with a client, and if the client desires, within that relationship as well."

-Ruth James

Tarot for Self-Care is not for you if:

  • You want someone to tell you all of the answers. You will be guided to learn what tarot is for you, personally and uniquely. I'll share everything I know, but always with the goal of leading you to your own understanding of tarot. 

  • You're using the Thoth deck as your primary tarot deck. While this material can be applied to any deck, it will not speak directly to the Thoth system. I recommend a Rider-Waite-Smith inspired deck for the program.

  • You want a deep dive into the astrological, numerological, or esoteric correspondences of the cards. Tarot for Self-Care is intuitive and built on the only correspondence that really matters: your own life.

  • You don't want to prioritize your self-care and personal development. If you want to keep choosing to invest your time in anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and depression, this is not the course for you.

  • You are using this course as a replacement for proper medical care. Tarot is a remarkable adjunct to therapy and medication, but is not a replacement for treatment. This course will not diagnose or treat any disease, and you will be encouraged to seek outside support if necessary.  

So, how much does this cost?

The mistake most beginning readers make is to try to teach themselves right out of the gate. For those of us who struggle with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, the variety of resources and different interpretations just leads to more confusion.

Who do we believe? Who is right? What if we disagree? Does that mean our intuition is off?

You can buy all the books and practice and try to figure out what tarot means to you. I've had a lot of students come to me who have done just that—and years later, they still don't feel confident in their knowledge of the cards, until we work to create their own tarot language that fits with their life experience and self-care needs.

With Tarot for Self-Care, you will not only learn the meanings of the cards, you will also learn how tarot works for you as your own unique being. Tarot is not a one-size-fits-all approach to spirituality. Through this course, you will discover how it fits FOR YOU, rather than being taught what someone else believes it should be for you.

When I guide students one-on-one through this process of self-discovery, it costs $2000—and I'm not taking new clients.

But you don't need private mentorship to develop your ability to heal yourself through tarot. Tarot for Self-Care is the comprehensive course that will develop your personal understanding of the cards so you can reliably read for yourself, relieve anxiety, move through fear, and finally be fully present and make aligned choices to create the future you desire.

You can support your intuition and build momentum in your life by harnessing the power of tarot for one payment of $297.

That's it. No more wasting time feeling confused and nervous about what the cards mean. No more buying books saying that this time you'll learn the cards. No more scrolling through Instagram comparing yourself to what others are saying about tarot and breeding self-doubt. 

You can be your own reader. Be your own healer. Snap out of anxiety and into action, fully supported by your own intuition and the whole of the universe.

Enrollment Closes July 18

Kind words about Tarot for Self-Care

 “Learning tarot has been absolutely life-changing for me! I love the layers of Tarot and the interconnectedness of them all. It's my new favorite tool in my tool kit for life.”  

-Ruth James

"Tarot helps me plan my goals, but respectfully, realistically, reasonably. For the first time in my life, I’m making progress on an array of fronts, and with no sign of burnout." 

-Katherine Devine  

“The live video calls held me accountable for showing up to do the work and I am so thankful Sarah offers this course. I have gained so much confidence and understanding as a reader and I couldn’t have done it without Sarah!” 

-Cody Nowell

"Sarah's course was such a wonderful experience. It was always the highlight of my week! She holds space for her students in a beautiful way. I felt unintimidated by the material, making it so much more accessible than past classes I'd attended. She's so encouraging and honest about her experiences, it inspired me to acknowledge my own vulnerability in a more compassionate way." 

-Jordan Saenz

The Full Tarot for Self-Care Program:

  • Lifetime access to 10 Modules of videos, writing exercises, and experiential learning ($500 value)

  • Live Intuitive Coaching calls with Sarah ($750 value)

  • How To Tarot In Under Two Hours Bonus ($47 value)

  • Reading Tarot for Others Bonus ($197 value)

  • Tarot for Business Bonus ($197 value)

  • Private Facebook Community (priceless)

Total Program Value: $1691

Your Investment: only $297 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Complete and submit the coursework for Modules 1-4 by August 17th and if you’re not satisfied I’ll refund you, no questions asked! 

"I knew that I was going to get out what I put in. And I think that Sarah is so supportive and has continued to be so supportive. Choosing to start that relationship with Sarah by choosing to work with her was a great business and life decision."

-Cody Nowell

About Sarah M. Chappell

As an intuitive counselor and herbalist, I teach folks to harness the clarity of tarot to pinpoint root causes of negative patterns and mental health challenges. I have a strong belief in the power of healing work, but am not afraid to make fun of myself for looking a little crazy while clutching black tourmaline and whispering affirmations at the grocery store. This work is built on my years of private practice, tarot education, herbalism certification programs, and my own personal experiences with addiction and mental illness. If you are deeply committed to change but can also laugh at yourself while talking to inanimate objects, I would be honored to facilitate your healing journey.

My work has appeared in Well+Good, The Temper, Healthline, Brit & Co, and on numerous podcasts. I am the host of the iTunes Top 20 Spirituality Podcast So You Wanna Be A Witch, and have collaborated with Maha Rose NYC, Space by Mama Medicine, apexart, Villagers, Everyday Magic, and ATL Craft, amongst others. 

Registration Closes July 18. Are you ready to learn Tarot For Self-Care?