Your Tarot Year

Merge magic with the mundane to harness the power of intuitive goal setting and planning to craft a year beyond your wildest dreams 

Create Your Tarot Year!

Craft your year with step-by-step guidance

Activate your intuition to set goals and plan your path

Be introduced to critical tarot cards that shape your year

Create your year with guided prompts for a map to a future of your design

Learn to trust your intuition and be your own guide to the future you desire

Harness your intuition in three modules:

Module 1: Activating Your Goals

Examine goals, planning, and how to bring your dreams into reality with actionable steps forward.

Module 2: Creating Your Future with Tarot

Learn the key cards to plan your year, what to do when the cards say no, how to use tarot for timelines, and more.

Module 3: Your Tarot Year

Be guided step-by-step through crafting your tarot year by learning a quarterly planning system and unlocking the power of your own intuition to design a path to the future you've been waiting for.  

The course is yours forever and can be accessed at any time. Start—or restart—your year and your plans at your own pace

The self-guided course includes:

Downloadable videos that guide you to use tarot to set goals, plan, and take action to craft the life you desire

Guidance on integrating with your existing planning system or building a new one

PDFs of tarot spreads and planner example sheets that you can print and carry with you

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Private intuitive coaching session with Sarah to accelerate your tarot-driven action plan

Become your own best guide


FREE TRAINING: How To Tarot in Two Hours This two hour video training will introduce you to the structure of the tarot, building the scaffolding upon which you can hang your intuition for meaningful readings WITHOUT the guidebook. Perfect if you're newer to tarot, or a pro who is curious about my approach to the cards.

Private Facebook Group The private Facebook group is the community hub of this experience, the digital fire around which you can gather with your fellow students to share and support each other. The group is a space for peer support with weekly check-ins from me. 



Your Tarot Year Self-Study Course Includes: the full three-module course downloadable videos and PDFs pop-up Facebook group bonus How To Tarot course

Join Now for $97

Accelerate Your Tarot Year Includes all course material and bonuses PLUS one private 60-minute coaching session with Sarah to review and activate your plan so you can finally see results! ($250 value!) Only 5 available

Is Your Tarot Year right for you?

  • Not much of a planner? Me, neither! But building a spiritually driven goal-setting system has grown my business, clarified my path, and honed my intuition. You don't need to be good at planning to benefit from learning how to do so!

  • Afraid you don't know enough tarot? Got that covered, too. This course comes with a FREE How To Tarot In Two Hours bonus class that will give you the building blocks to expand your reading skills. And, you'll have access to me for seven full weeks, with the ability to request reading feedback and trade readings with others in the community. 

  • Busy? I hear you! The videos and PDFs can be downloaded and enjoyed at your convenience. There is no set time that you have to be available! And, since you have lifetime access to this material, you can review at any time, and revisit year after year.

Your Tarot Year Students Are Changing Their Lives

"Before Your Tarot Year, I would make daily lists and never get to all of it, then begin feeling overwhelmed. Your Tarot Year has helped me see the long view of goals and know that in time, I will get to them, or make some shifts. What I really love is that I can look back at what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve grown and changed my goals as well as how to approach the months and weeks depending on the energy for that time."

- Roxanne  

"Tarot helps me plan my goals, but respectfully, realistically, reasonably. For the first time in my life, I’m making progress on an array of fronts, and with no sign of burnout."  


"Before Your Tarot Year, planning was overwhelming. I really didn’t even know where to start. I felt paralyzed by choice. Incorporating Tarot took away the self doubt. I’d been feeling like I wanted to make a shift in my business, this system helped me to trust my instincts and continues to support me as I work towards making those changes. Clarity does come through action! And I felt so supported by this truly unique approach to planning." 


About Sarah M. Chappell

I am an intuitive counselor and herbalist helping folks to unravel their fears, shift their stories, and heal themselves. My transformative integration of tarot and energetic remedies harnesses the clarity of the cards to pinpoint root causes of negative patterns and mental health challenges. I have a strong belief in the power of healing work, but am not afraid to make fun of myself for looking a little crazy while clutching black tourmaline and whispering affirmations at the grocery store. If you are deeply committed to change but can also laugh at yourself while talking to inanimate objects, I would be honored to facilitate your healing journey.